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Big Game School Seminars

Work with some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry.  Learn first hand “tricks of the trade” they’ve accumulated from years and years of fishing these waters. 

Destination Seminars - Our Premier Events. Spend three full days on the water and 14 hours in a landside “workshop” environment working with your instructors.  Bait Rigging, Boat Handling, Leadering, Gaffing, Big Fish Techniques, Stand-Up Fishing, Safety, Rigging and Terminal Tackle, Using Your Electronics to Your Advantage.

Mini Seminars - Quick Targeted Events: Spend one evening, and one full day on the water, and drill down into specific salt water fishing techniques like Day Time Swordfishing, Kite Fishing, White Marlin Trolling, etc. group sizes typically will range from 10 to 15 participants

Private Tutoring: This is just what it sounds like. Send your crew, a group of friends, or just yourself. Work out a specific agenda, and learn exactly what you want. Length of seminar and topic is flexible based on your group size and amount of training required.


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cast nets

Islamorada, Florida

December 2009

Abaco, Bahamas

May 2009